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Semiconductor Line Card RF/Optical Line Card

High-voltage analog integrated power conversion devices for AC-DC and DC-DC applications.
High reliability interconnect solutions: Connectors, Cable assemblies, Flex Circuits for Mission Critical applications in Military, Space & Communications.
Amplifers, Audio, Power Management, Solar Products, Clock & Timing, Data Converters, Interface & LVDS, LED Lightings, MIL/Space/Die Products
ARM Cortexí° NuMicroá’ 7/9, 8051 Microcontrolles 12T, 4T, LPC SMS Phone, Speech ICs, Advanced Toy Electronics, ISD Voice IC-ISD ChipCorderudio Data Converters-Audio Amplifiers, Precision ADCs, CODEC/SLCC and SLFC,Voice CODEC, VoIP Audio.
Clock ICs, Crystals, XOs, VCXOs, PCI,PCI-X, PCI Express, Signal Conditioning / Redriver, Digital Swiches, USB Switches, HDMI switches, Analog Switches, Interface Products, Voltage & I/O Signal Translators, etc.
High Voltage Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, Metalized Polypropylene Film AC Capacitor (Interference Suppressors Class-X2), Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor, Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Inductive/Non Inductive), Polyester Film Capacitor (Inductive/Non Inductive)
Power Devices, Optoelectronic Devices, Microwave R/F, Sensors.
Telecom/LAN/ Power-Transformers, Inductors, CMCs, Filters& Splitters. Connectors-SFP, XFP, RJ45, USB& HDMI. Antenna: Mobile, RFID, GPS, Wimax, Wifi, ISM& Cellular bands. Automotive/ Military& Aerospace: Ignition Transformers, Coils, MIL- STD-1553 and Ethernet.
Protection Devices TVS/ESD Small signal Mosfets, Switching diodes, Schottky BJTs, PIN diodes, Power Mosfets, Zeners Rectifiers - Schottky, General purpose, Fast recovery, Ultra fast, Super fast, Bridge Rectifiers
Miniature Relay, General Purpose relay, Power relay, Solid State Relay, Relay Socket & Reed Relay
Main Boards,IC Subtrates,Capacitors,Resistors,Indicators,EMC components,LTCC Components, Precision Motors,Camera Modules,LED,Tuners,power,Network Module,Mobile RF.
Mobile Wimax, Fixed Wimax
Ptv (video over IP) set-top boxes,Blu-ray players/recorders,Hdtvs, Digital media Adapters, Portable media Adapters,UWB(Ultra-wideband) Connectivity Products.
High-performance Programble Oscillators,Spread Spectrum Programble Oscillators,Full-Featured Clock Generators, Voltage Controlled MEMS Oscillators,Tiny Embedded Resonator,Application-Specific Products.
Broad Range of Capacitors - Plastic Film, Gold, Aluminium Electrolytic, Ceramic, Tantalum, Spark, Safety ì ˜2, Mica, Ceramic Trimmer, Trimming POTs, Varistors
LICs, OHTs, Mappers, Frames, Adaption, MUX / DEMUX, Traffic / Bandwidth, Management & Multi-Service Switches.
Serial Flash Memory, Parallel Flash Memory, KGDM Flash Memory, Speciality DRAM for Consumer (STB,DVD,MP etc) Applications like DDR1,DDR2,SDRAM,Low power DDR/SDRAM,Mobile DDR/SDRAMs, KGDM DRAM Memory, Graphics DRAM